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The information on this site is not intended for Veterans Administration benefit training. Please contact us directly to get information on our CCTV delivery options of approved VA programs.

Experience the Convenience of Pre-Paid Training

New Horizons North Florida Training Coupons offer your business a convenient way to optimize savings while providing the ultimate flexibility in the development of training plans. 

Coupons Include all of our Remote Delivery Technology training through OnlineLive, so you may be traveling anywhere around the world and still have the capability to attend our Live classes with streaming video.  Ask for a Live Audit or demo.

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Save Money with Volume Purchasing

Training Coupons are pre-paid vouchers that are good for Applications, Graphics, or Technical classes.

Many organizations can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year by purchasing coupons, as discounting is applied based on the volume purchased. Savings are not limited to large enterprises, though; smaller business can also benefit by purchasing coupons, enjoying significant savings with the purchase of just ten.

Coupons may be purchased at any time, and can be used by anyone within an organization. This provides flexibility for managers who are in the budget planning stage but are adding headcount and may not be able to specifically identify personnel who need training. It also provides convenience for organizations planning a new technology roll-out and may need to train different departments at different times but still want to enjoy the savings provided by volume purchasing.

Coupons are available as paper certificates, or can be managed “virtually” by your New Horizons Account Executive. They may be used for most classes available on our open-enrollment schedule*, with one coupon redeemed for each day of class.

Contact you Account Executive today to discuss the different types of coupons, and your options for managing them.

*Coupons may not be redeemed for the following courses: Project Management, ITIL, and Novell. This may not constitute a complete list. Contact your Account Executive for more information.