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The information on this site is not intended for Veterans Administration benefit training. Please contact us directly to get information on our CCTV delivery options of approved VA programs.

Learning Solutions Gainesville

New Horizons Gainesville offers a full range of technology, applications and business skills training from desktop productivity tools to complex and integrated business systems.

Over the past 27 years, New Horizons has provided innovative learning solutions that have transformed businesses and helped more than 25 million students advance their career goals.

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We continue to expand our offerings, locations and solutions to meet the growing demands placed on organizations and their employees. New Horizons Gainesville has the flexibility and expertise to provide solutions for a variety of situations:
  • Club Membership Solutions - Looking to save money?  New Horizons Gainesville Club Membership is the answer for those that need to take a variety of classes
  • Business Solutions - New Horizons can help your business train your employees cost effectively and even bring our training directly to you
  • Enterprise Solutions - Let us help you provide training solutions for your complex enterprise requirements
  • Military Solutions - Are you looking to get your staff in compliance with Directive 8570? New Horizons can help
  • Government Solutions - New Horizons Gainesville has the staff and expertise to manage complex government training needs
  • Room Rental Solutions - Need a place to host your next meeting or in-house training session?  New Horizons Gainesville is here to help
  • Training Voucher Solutions - Learn from the Microsoft training experts and redeem your Microsoft Learning Vouchers with New Horizons Gainesville

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