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Learning Methods

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning consists of five components - Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support and Validate - and merges multiple delivery methods and learning resources to create the most effective learning experience available in the industry.

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Online LIVE Is Your Ideal eLearning Solution

  • Live access to instructors with industry experience
  • Participation in a LIVE classroom environment
  • Flexible course schedules
  • Attend the course from anywhere with internet access
  • Practice labs in a virtual environment for hands-on experience
  • Playback any class for review or absence
  • Reduce travel costs and time away from the office

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The Learning Experience

OLL classes follow the same framework as our traditional instructor-led training. Using lecture, demos, and freehand diagramming, our certified trainers provide instruction through our collaborative eLearning platform. All students are issued low-noise headphones with microphones, and may freely participate in discussions with the instructor or with other students by voice or through text-chat. VoIP technology allows for clear, uninterrupted voice communication. Students apply what they learn in lecture by working on hands-on labs in a virtual environment. During their lab practice, the instructor can provide one-to-one mentoring, using remote sharing technology to view and manage the student's computer.

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Online LIVE Technical Requirements

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