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Are You Ready? New Horizons Gainesville New Courses

New Horizons Gainesville is the training provider of choice when you need to learn a new software product, upgrade to the latest version or find new courses.

Even before the final release of software, New Horizons is preparing and teaching courses to give you a first look at the new tools and products from all major software vendors.

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New Software Releases

Check back often for new software releases and courses from New Horizons Gainesville.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has released the latest version of the popular Office Suite. Office 2010 is full of new features for online web collaboration and much more.
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Microsoft Office 2010 training and New Horizons Pensacola

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Prepare yourself and your enterprise for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Microsoft Exchange Server is the de facto standard for enterprise email systems.
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 training and New Horizons Florida

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2010

Prepare today for .NET Framework version 4.0 and Visual Studio .NET 2010. Unleash all of Visual Studio's power with courses and training from New Horizons.
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 training and New Horizons Pensacola

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 represents the latest version of SharePoint and SharePoint Services. Don't wait to learn about all the new features of this ultimate collaboration tool, sign up for a SharePoint 2010 course today.
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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 training and New Horizons Gainesville