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CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Gainesville


CompTIA Network+ certification training at New Horizons Gainesville can provide you the skills necessary to become Network+ certified and ready for an entry-level networking career in the IT industry.

CompTIA Network+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification considered by many employers as a prerequisite for entry-level IT employment in the area of IT networks. Network+ certification signifies that the individual is capable of performing tasks such as installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of common networking systems.

CompTIA Network+ certification serves as a solid foundation for other networking and IT certification programs offered by vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco.

Key Courses

Before pursuing your Network+ training and certification, it is highly recommended to achieve A+ Certification first.
Outline Network+ Certification (Exam N10-005)

Who's It For?

Network+ Certification training is considered a solid foundational certification for anyone interested in an IT career or to prove existing knowledge in basic IT networking and network support. With Network+ certification training at New Horizons, the student will learn:
  • Basics of networking theory, concepts and networking methods
  • Basics of networking data delivery
  • Networking media, cabling and hardware
  • Networking protocols and the OSI model
  • Networking Operating Systems
  • TCP/IP fundamentals
  • Basics of PC and networking security

Certification and Exams

Network+ certification candidate must pass a single exam. Although not required, it is strongly advised to have your A+ Certification prior to taking the Network+ exam.

Certification Exams
Network+ Certification Network+