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Microsoft Project Courses & Training Gainesville


Keep your projects on track, on time and within your budget by learning how to track all project management information in Microsoft Project.

New Horizons Gainesville has the courses and training you need for Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project courses Pensacola

New Features of Microsoft Project 2010

  • Improved visibility into conflicts and utilization
  • More efficient data tools with auto complete
  • Powerful and flexible project scheduling
  • Scenario evaluations
  • Easier collaboration

Course Topics

Earn your Microsoft Office Certification
With Project training at New Horizons Gainesville, the student will learn:
  • The importance of project management and creating a Project plan
  • Managing and configuring tasks in Project
  • Understanding and managing resources
  • Integrating data with other Microsoft applications
  • Tracking costs in Microsoft Project
  • Viewing project information visually

Microsoft Project 2010 Courses

Outline Project 2010 - Level 1
Outline Project 2010 - Level 2

Microsoft Project 2007 and Microsoft Project 2003 Courses

New Horizons Gainesville offers a full selection of Project 2007 and Project 2003 courses.
Project 2007 Project 2003
Outline Project 2007 - Level 1 Outline Project 2003 - Level 1
Outline Project 2007 - Level 2 Outline Project 2003 - Level 2
Outline Project 2007 Professional Outline Project 2003 Professional
Outline Project 2007 Web Access Outline Project 2003 Web Access