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The information on this site is not intended for Veterans Administration benefit training. Please contact us directly to get information on our CCTV delivery options of approved VA programs.

Hire a New Horizons Gainesville Graduate

New Horizons of Gainesville trains hundreds of students each year. These individuals graduate with industry-recognized Information Technology certifications and have trained with a broad range of technical, applications and business skills courses.

Bring Sustainable Value to Your Organization

Certified employees with New Horizons training help increase customer satisfaction, reduce network downtime, and push service to a higher level, helping to give your organization a competitive advantage.

Hiring certified individuals promotes quicker, more effective adoption of new technologies with reduced costs and provides measurable proof of the effectiveness of training investments.

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New Horizons Graduates Our graduates have completed training and obtained certification in the following areas:
  • Microsoft Technical Training and Certification
  • Microsoft Applications Training and Certification
  • Design and Media Training
  • Cisco Training and Certification
  • Citrix Training and Certification
  • CompTIA Training and Certification
  • Information Security Training and Certification
  • Novell Training and Certification
  • Business Skills Training
  • Healthcare Information Management Courses, including Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Office & Records Administration, Pharmacy Technician and HIPPA
Contact us for more information on how a New Horizons Gainesville graduate can offer immediate value to your organization.